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Farrango Café
Vinohradská 1789/40
120 00 Praha 2

+420 222 518 473

The restaurant Farrango is Thai fusion restaurant which offers primary Thai, but also dishes from other countries equatorial Asia (such as Cambodia or Vietnam). Some meals will be fusioned or modified for European clients mainly in the intensity of indignation or ingredients to which Europeans are not used to. The concept of the restaurant is Thai cuisine fusioned performance, which in recent years dominates more and more the gastronomic heaven, not only worldwide but also in Thailand itself. The main pillar of the project is to offer clients exclusive food, perfect service, great music and great drinks - all in a beautiful rustic restaurant. Farrango name comes from the Thai word Farang - how Thais call foreigners of European origin. Farang Thai word originated from the word Farang set, an expression for France. The first white man who set foot on the ground of Thailand was namely the French, who was also called at the time of the Crusades - 'Frank'. The French colonized the neighboring countries such as Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia, but nobody ever could colonize Thailand itself. The Restaurant´s and Lounge owner, Mr.Martin Stefanek lives and works in human resources in Thai Bangkok for more than 10 years. Running a restaurant is his second activity and personal passion. He runs the project with the business partner, Mr. Edison Yela form Colombia.


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